Software solutions that empower pharmacists to take hold of their expanding scope of care

Transitioning pharmacists toward clinical opportunities, enabling advanced services and driving transformative practice change. 

Save time
Reduce administrative burden

Allows pharmacists to easily manage minor ailment workload


Generates province-specific documentation form with every assessment session

Patient Relationships

Higher satisfaction and loyalty. Easily accessible self-assessments through patient web portal


Our mission is to help pharmacists execute advanced clinical services

As healthcare providers, pharmacists are uniquely accessible to provide clinical care. PharmAssess drives pharmacists to unlock their unique clinical potential, by creating solutions that empower pharmacists to execute their advanced scope of practice with ease and confidence. 

As minor ailment prescribing becomes progressively adopted in Canada, PharmAssess supports pharmacists in making clinical decisions, automating administrative tasks, and strengthening patient relationships. 


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Product Features

Guided & dynamic patient assessment

Accessible in the pharmacy & remotely with patient-friendly navigation

Condition identification

Including differential diagnoses, red flags, medical image references

Guided treatment options

Adhering to provincial guideline recommendations

Automate scripts & documentation

Compliant with provincial regulations

Follow-up & patient tracking

To strengthen patient relationships & improve health outcomes

Referral print-out

To promote continuity of care

An Unmet Need

  • Interviewing 10 pharmacists in Saskatchewan, ailment assessment time ranges from 15-20 minutes per condition.
  • Upon demonstration of the PharmAssess minor ailment tool, pharmacists estimate they would save ~10 minutes of time per assessment, with our streamlined interface – a 2x boost in efficiency. 

Community Pharmacies Overburdened

A 2016 Canadian pharmacy summit showed that pharmacists struggle to provide advanced services because 

  • 86% of pharmacists report insufficient time
  • 92% report competing priorities in the pharmacy workplace
  • 86% agree that lack of confidence is a barrier to using their expertise

PharmAssess returns time to busy pharmacists, allowing them to take hold of this clinical opportunity.

PharmAssess is the first of its kind to provide a diagnostic edge in the pharmacy workplace to assist pharmacists in the diagnostic and treatment process of minor common ailments. It not only optimizes the use of valuable time, but it can also reinforce the patient-pharmacist interaction. By encouraging pharmacists to re-ask critical questions to confirm patient input. This comprehensive yet efficient diagnostic tool may be the future of minor ailment diagnosis and treatment especially in a busy environment, especially if it is able to integrate in current pharmacy software.

Jay Khetia (BSc(hons)Pharm, MRPharmS, RPh) – Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Owner/Associate

PharmAssess is trying to innovate the minor ailment landscape for pharmacies by attempting to streamline documentation, improve workflow efficiency, and provide better patient care. Their diagnostic tool utilizes independent patient input to attempt a predicted diagnosis for the pharmacist in potential treatment, counselling, and monitoring parameters. This tool may ultimately help the pharmacist optimize their time in diagnosis and treatment while also respecting the pharmacy workflow.

Wanda Szto, BScPharm, RPh – Loblaws Pharmacy Manager

The diagnostic tool created by PharmAssess is an attempt to increase quality of life for pharmacists by providing a predicted diagnosis based on patient input. The information delivered about differential diagnoses and referral criteria is perfect to ensure the pharmacist practices within their scope of practice. Automatic documentation is also a great feature to save valuable time within a busy pharmacy environment!

Wayne Chun, PharmD, RPh – Prorenata Pharmacy Owner