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Optimize the patient medication experience with greater efficiency

The medication review tool promotes efficiency in all aspects of the review process from documentation to therapeutic issue analysis to pharmaceutical opinion. This optimizes care and instills confidence in pharmacy professionals.

At Pack4U Ontario, a busy central fill pharmacy, we use PharmAssess to conduct our medication reviews with patients remotely. It saves the pharmacy a substantial amount of time via its integration with the pharmacy management software, where medications, patient demographic info and doctor details auto-fill the documentation. Pharmaceutical opinion billing & documentation is integrated which allows us to easily bridge this additional service, and the automatic faxing function allows us to skip sending faxes manually. There are also auto-fill features that suggest pre-populated efficacy & safety information based on medication/indication input. The module also comes with a handy, integrated adverse effect search that generates the most prevalent ADEs for inputted medications. Overall, pharmacies benefit from a greatly streamlined med review process that saves a significant amount of time!
Gurroop Kalra, PharmD, R.Ph.
Clinical Services Pharmacist, Pack4U

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